Actovegin Enhancer ID 36

Incidents 21 Type Date
WADA US Postal appeals (Bruyneel) Permanent ban 24/10/2018
Armstrong federal lawsuit Hearing evidence 19/04/2018
Puerto appeal Appeal against sanction 14/06/2016
Bruyneel suspension Temporary suspension 22/04/2014
Puerto convictions Criminal conviction 30/04/2013
Bruyneel resignation Termination of contract 12/10/2012
Leipheimer suspension Temporary suspension 10/10/2012
Vandevelde suspension Temporary suspension 10/10/2012
Vaughters evidence Hearing evidence 12/09/2012
US Postal investigation 2 (2003-2004) Investigation 12/06/2012
US Postal investigation 2 (1997-2002) Investigation 12/06/2012
Cofidis convictions Criminal conviction 19/01/2007
Göttingen raid Investigation 03/08/2006
Este acquittals Hearing evidence 23/09/2005
Este trial Hearing evidence 09/11/2004
Kelme legal investigation Investigation 21/05/2004
Cofidis resignations Termination of contract 05/05/2004
Cofidis team suspension Temporary suspension 09/04/2004
Kelme sports investigation Investigation 30/03/2004
Manzano revelations 2 [laundry list] Admission statement 25/03/2004
US Postal investigation 1 Investigation 24/11/2000
People 14 Nationality
Armstrong Lance
Belda Vicedo Vicente
Bondue Alain
Bruyneel Johan
Choina Marcus
Deloeuil Alain
Fuentes Yolanda
Fuentes Eufemiano
Labarta José Ignacio
Leipheimer Levi
Manzano Jesús
Stangelj Gorazd
Vandevelde Christian
Vaughters Jonathan



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