Bio passport irregularities Programme ID 6

The blood passport represents a new approach in anti-doping measures. Rather than attempt to detect a specific substance, such as EPO or a steroid, the test examines whether specific changes in the body’s physiology occur, changes which suggest the presence of an exogenous substance. In other words, the passport seeks to identify the effects of some performance enhancing substance, rather than the substance itself.


In order to use this approach effectively, a baseline has to be established for each athlete. This baseline consists of a range of physiological parameters, including:

  • Haematocrit - the proportion of red cells in the blood
  • Reticulocytes - the proportion of red cells that are newly-synthesized
  • Concentrations in the blood of EPO and certain other hormones

An athlete is tested several times over a period of at least six months in order to obtain these parameters. Once determined, it can be assumed that any major deviation from the parameters suggests the use of a performance-enhancing substance.

However since deviations in parameters can have other causes - illness, for example - passport irregularities cannot be employed with as much certainty as positive drug tests to sanction an athlete.

An athlete with abnormal parameters may be notified and thus given an opportunity to explain the situation. If violations continue, then the athlete may be charged with doping.

Contributor: Andy Smith

Incidents 52 Type Date
Bonnamour bio-passport Violation 05/02/2024
Stannard suspension Temporary suspension 02/08/2023
Rodrigues suspension Violation 04/10/2022
Radio Popular-Boavista team suspension Temporary suspension 29/04/2022
Rodrigues, D bio-passport Violation 26/04/2022
Operação Prova Limpa raids 1 Investigation 24/04/2022
Sancho bio-passport Violation 16/05/2021
Nocentini bio-passport Violation 30/11/2020
Pinto bio-passport irregularities Violation 21/10/2020
Salas appeal 3 Appeal against sanction 21/10/2020
Salas appeal 2 Appeal against sanction 04/08/2020
Gonçalves bio-passport Violation 12/12/2019
Cobo bio-passport Violation 13/06/2019
Salas appeal 1 Appeal against sanction 08/02/2019
Burgos-BH suspension Temporary suspension 07/12/2018
Burgos-BH auto-suspension Temporary suspension 29/11/2018
AEPSAD bio-passport appeals Appeal against sanction 28/07/2018
Rosón bio-passport Investigation 27/06/2018
García de Mateos bio-passport irregularities Violation 27/06/2018
Salas bio-passport irregularities Violation 23/05/2018
Funvic team suspension 2 Temporary suspension 15/07/2017
Hoste appeal Appeal against sanction 19/04/2017
Correia Diniz bio-passport irregularities Violation 23/03/2017
Henao bio-passport investigation Investigation 20/04/2016
Kreuziger appeal 2 Appeal against sanction 05/06/2015
Kreuziger appeal 1 Appeal against sanction 20/08/2014
Tiernan-Locke bio-passport Violation 17/07/2014
Menchov bio-passport Violation 10/07/2014
Kreuziger bio-passport investigation Investigation 30/05/2014
Ribeiro, S bio-passport Violation 02/08/2013
Amorim bio-passport Violation 10/07/2013
Hoste, L bio-passport Violation 22/01/2013
Bertagnolli bio-passport Violation 27/06/2012
Barredo bio-passport Violation 10/06/2012
De Bonis, F appeal Appeal against sanction 22/06/2011
Valjavec appeal Appeal against sanction 22/04/2011
Pellizotti appeal Temporary suspension 08/03/2011
Caucchioli appeal Appeal against sanction 08/03/2011
Pellizotti cleared Appeal against sanction 21/10/2010
Lobato Elvira irregularities Violation 27/07/2010
Valjavec bio-passport Violation 03/05/2010
Rosendo Prado bio-passport Violation 03/05/2010
Pellizotti bio-passport Violation 03/05/2010
Vazquez Hueso positive Positive test 20/03/2010
Giunti positive Positive test 23/02/2010
Fernandez, A positive Positive test 15/10/2009
Bosisio bio-passport Violation 02/09/2009
De Bonis, F bio-passport Violation 17/06/2009
Astarloa bio-passport Violation 17/06/2009
Serrano bio-passport Violation 17/06/2009
Caucchioli bio-passport Violation 17/06/2009
Colom positive Positive test 02/04/2009
People 38 Nationality
Amorim António
Antunes Amaro
Astarloa Igor
Barredo Carlos
Bertagnolli Leonardo
Bonnamour Franck
Bosisio Gabriele
Caucchioli Pietro
Cobo Juan José
Colom Antonio
Correia Diniz Alex
De Bonis Francesco
Fernández de la Puebla Alberto
García de Mateos Vicente
Giunti Massimo
Gonçalves Domingos
Henao Sergio
Hoste Leif
Izquierdo Julio Andrés
Júnior Benedito
Kreuziger Roman
Lobato Elvira Ruben
Nocentini Rinaldo
Pellizotti Franco
Pinto Edgar
Ribeiro Sergio
Rodrigues David
Rodrigues João
Rosendo Prado Jesús
Rosón Jaime
Salas Ibai
Sancho Hugo
Santos José
Serrano Ricardo
Stannard Robert
Tiernan-Locke Jonathan
Valjavec Tadej
Vazquez Hueso Manuel



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