Continuous Erythropoietin Receptor Activator (CERA) Hormone ID 3

For more information on the functions of CERA, see the listing for EPO.

Incidents 42 Type Date
Dotti positive Positive test 11/08/2023
Funvic team suspension 1 Temporary suspension 17/11/2016
Ramos positive Positive test 31/07/2016
Gaspar positive Positive test 27/07/2016
Rincon positive Positive test 27/07/2016
Kopp admission Admission statement 24/06/2013
Holczer v Schumacher Hearing evidence 18/04/2013
Schumacher admission Admission statement 29/03/2013
Massa investigation Investigation 22/03/2013
Schumacher fraud appeal Appeal against sanction 18/10/2011
Biondo admission Admission statement 18/02/2011
Schumacher fraud dismissal Appeal against sanction 02/02/2011
Via Col convictions Criminal conviction 27/10/2010
Schumacher fraud investigation Investigation 22/10/2010
Benta positive Positive test 31/07/2010
Via Col suspensions [Miotti, Giuliani] Permanent ban 15/07/2010
Via Col suspensions [Bonin, Nikacevic] Temporary suspension 15/06/2010
Priamo appeal Appeal against sanction 12/11/2009
Beltrán, A fired Termination of contract 18/09/2009
Biondo positive Positive test 12/08/2009
Nozal positive Positive test 03/08/2009
Ribeiro, N positive Positive test 03/08/2009
Guerra positive Positive test 03/08/2009
Via Col Padua investigation Investigation 16/06/2009
Landaluze positive 3 Positive test 16/06/2009
Serrano positive Positive test 13/06/2009
Landaluze positive 2 Positive test 07/06/2009
Di Luca positive 2 Positive test 28/05/2009
Di Luca positive 1 Positive test 20/05/2009
De Bonis, F positive Positive test 07/05/2009
Rebellin positive on retroactive test Positive test 28/04/2009
Priamo acquittal Hearing evidence 27/02/2009
Kohl admission Admission statement 22/10/2008
Schumacher positive 2 Positive test 06/10/2008
Sella positive Positive test 23/08/2008
Rebellin Olympic positive Positive test 04/08/2008
Schumacher positive 3 Positive test 04/08/2008
Piepoli positive 3 Positive test 15/07/2008
Kohl positive 2 Positive test 15/07/2008
Riccò positive Positive test 08/07/2008
Piepoli positive 2 Positive test 04/07/2008
Kohl positive 1 Positive test 03/07/2008
People 28 Nationality
Beltrán Alberto
Benta João
Biondo Maurizio
Bonin Paolo
Carloni Danilo
De Bonis Francesco
Di Luca Danilo
Dotti Juan Pablo
Gaspar João Marcelo
Guerra Héctor
Júnior Benedito
Kohl Bernhard
Kopp David
Landaluze Iñigo
Miotti Luigino
Nikacevic Aleksandar
Nozal Isidro
Piepoli Leonardo
Pino Álvaro
Priamo Matteo
Ramos Kleber
Rebellin Davide
Ribeiro Nuno
Riccò Riccardo
Rincon Wilson Ramiro
Schumacher Stefan
Sella Emmanuele
Serrano Ricardo



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