Darbepoetin (NESP) Hormone ID 39

Brand names: NESP (Novel Erythropoiesis Stimulating Protein), Aranesp

Incidents 30 Type Date
Di Grégorio positive Positive test 08/03/2018
Reda positive Positive test 27/06/2015
Benedetti positive Permanent ban 06/06/2014
Kortrijk indictment Hearing evidence 07/06/2010
Museeuw admission 2 Admission statement 21/01/2009
Peers conviction Criminal conviction 16/12/2008
De Clercq conviction Criminal conviction 16/12/2008
Planckaert conviction Criminal conviction 16/12/2008
Landuyt conviction Criminal conviction 16/12/2008
Museeuw conviction Criminal conviction 16/12/2008
Museeuw appeal 2 Appeal against sanction 01/08/2008
Puerto - Bartoli link Hearing evidence 25/05/2007
Museeuw admission 1 Admission statement 24/01/2007
Puerto - Pantani link Hearing evidence 03/07/2006
De Clercq suspension Temporary suspension 02/03/2005
Museeuw appeal 1 Appeal against sanction 28/12/2004
Landuyt suspensions Temporary suspension 08/10/2004
Landuyt arrest Arrest 05/09/2003
Landuyt-Museeuw-De Clercq raids Investigation 04/09/2003
Di Falco positive Positive test 17/04/2003
Ongarato suspension Temporary suspension 28/07/2002
Marzano admission Admission statement 22/05/2002
Romano arrest Arrest 20/05/2002
Perfetto arrest Arrest 18/05/2002
Marzano arrest Arrest 17/05/2002
Varriale admission Admission statement 16/05/2002
Chesini arrest Arrest 16/05/2002
Varriale arrest Arrest 13/05/2002
Zakirov positive Positive test 11/05/2002
Sgambelluri positive Positive test 11/05/2002
People 25 Nationality
Bartoli Michele
Benedetti Luca
Boîte Marie-Rose
Chesini Nicola
Coppens Rik
De Clercq Mario
Di Falco Vincenzo
Di Grégorio Rémy
Fuentes Eufemiano
Herinne Pierre
Landuyt José
Marzano Armando
Museeuw Johan
Ongarato Alberto
Pantani Marco
Peers Chris
Perfetto Filippo
Planckaert Jo
Reda Francesco
Romano Domenico
Sgambelluri Roberto
Varriale Antonio
Versele Herman
Walraevens Freddy
Zakirov Faat



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