Insulin Enhancer ID 16

Incidents 22 Type Date
Ribeiro, N suspension Temporary suspension 06/11/2023
Prova Limpa suspensions Temporary suspension 04/10/2022
Operação Prova Limpa raids 1 Investigation 24/04/2022
Leinders suspension Permanent ban 22/01/2015
Puerto - Cipollini link Hearing evidence 09/02/2013
Rasmussen, M admission (Rabobank) Admission statement 31/01/2013
Rasmussen, M admission (CSC) Admission statement 31/01/2013
Matschiner admission Admission statement 12/10/2010
Matschiner conviction Criminal conviction 11/10/2010
Matschiner arrest Arrest 30/03/2009
Kohl admission Admission statement 22/10/2008
Puerto - Pantani link Hearing evidence 03/07/2006
Blitz criminal convictions Criminal conviction 24/10/2005
Pantani appeal 2 Appeal against sanction 13/07/2002
Zanini appeal Appeal against sanction 13/07/2002
Pantani suspension Temporary suspension 17/06/2002
Zanini suspension Temporary suspension 08/06/2002
Blitz suspensions Temporary suspension 02/05/2002
Mondini fired Termination of contract 07/04/2002
Blitz raids [List 51] Investigation 06/06/2001
Soprani arrests Arrest 29/06/1999
Giardini Margherita raid [Bologna] Investigation 12/08/1998
People 26 Nationality
Andalo Giacomo
Brandão Jóni
Brignoli Ermanno
Caldeira Samuel
Cipollini Mario
De Marchi Alfredo
Di Grande Giuseppe
Elli Alberto
Fuentes Eufemiano
Guandalini Massimo
Hamilton Tyler
Kohl Bernhard
Leinders Geert
Matschiner Stefan
Mondini Giampaolo
Olivieri Bruno
Pantani Marco
Pierantoni Bruno
Pizzini Leone
Pregnolato Roberto
Quintanilha Adrian
Rasmussen Michael
Ribeiro Nuno
Settembrini Fabrizio
Siboni Marcello
Zanini Stefano



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