Missed test Programme ID 18

Incidents 31 Type Date
Alaphilippe appeal Appeal against sanction 24/07/2016
Alaphilippe missed test Violation 11/04/2015
Reda missed test Violation 28/02/2013
Rasmussen, A appeal Appeal against sanction 04/07/2012
Turgot cleared Appeal against sanction 01/06/2012
Turgot whereabouts Violation 16/05/2012
Offredo violation Violation 06/01/2012
Rasmussen, A acquittal Appeal against sanction 17/11/2011
Rasmussen, A missed test Termination of contract 15/09/2011
Lopes whereabouts Violation 04/01/2011
Batista, L whereabouts Violation 04/01/2011
Kluge missed test Violation 01/04/2010
Cabreira appeal 1 Appeal against sanction 15/12/2008
Cabreira whereabouts Violation 26/07/2008
Rasmussen exclusion Violation 26/07/2007
Rasmussen missed test 2 Violation 21/06/2007
Rasmussen missed test 1 Violation 06/04/2007
Van Dijk missed test Violation 08/06/2005
Vandaele missed test 2 Violation 11/04/1998
Vandaele appeal Appeal against sanction 27/01/1998
Vandaele missed test 1 Violation 06/07/1997
Batik missed test Violation 22/06/1997
Ruiz Cabestany missed test Violation 03/06/1990
Kuum missed test Violation 22/08/1989
Haex missed test Violation 22/08/1989
Arta Terme violations Violation 10/06/1988
Wellens, P missed test Violation 23/06/1985
Van Impe violation Violation 22/07/1981
Vincendeau missed test Violation 15/07/1981
Anderson violation Violation 11/07/1981
Thurau missed test Violation 02/04/1980
People 33 Nationality
Alaphilippe Bryan
Anderson Phil
Batista Ludovic
Berzin Evgeni
Bombini Emanuele
Bontempi Guido
Cabreira João
Colombo Luca
Giupponi Flavio
Haex Jos
Kluge Roger
Kuum Jaanus
Lopes Pedro
Minali Nicola
Miozzo Flavio
Odriozola Jon
Offredo Yoann
Pierobon Gianluca
Rasmussen Michael
Rasmussen Alex
Reda Francesco
Ruiz Cabestany Pello
Tartaggia Giuseppe
Thurau Dietrich
Turgot Sébastien
Van Dijk Stefan
Van Impe Lucien
Vandaele Robbie
Vincendeau Claude
Visentini Roberto
Volpi Alberto
Wellens Paul
Zimmerman Urs



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