Tramadol Analgesic ID 96

Tramadol is a synthetic opioid painkiller. It has been generally available since the late nineties and it normally requires a prescription.

In addition to a high level of pain relief, Tramadol can increase serotonin and noradrenaline levels, which may confer a feeling of wellbeing on the user.

Tramadol may help an athlete to tolerate a pain-inducing effort but, as well as headaches, nausea and fatigue, the side effects of the medication also include long-term dependency, dizziness and vertigo, which may impair the same athlete's ability to function effectively during competition.

The Union Cycliste Internationale took reports of Tramadol abuse within the sport seriously and in 2016 lobbied WADA to change the drug's status. Tramadol has been part of WADA's monitoring programme since 2012 but no indication has yet been given that it is likely to be prohibited.

In the face of WADA's continued inaction, the UCI eventually took the unusual step of specifically prohibiting the substance from in-competition use in professional cycling starting from March 2019.

Incidents 7 Type Date
Baudin positive Positive test 24/05/2023
Kononenko positive Positive test 18/09/2022
Quintana positive 2 Positive test 13/07/2022
Quintana positive 1 Positive test 08/07/2022
Westra admission Admission statement 28/04/2018
Edmondson admission Admission statement 16/03/2017
Team Sky investigation Investigation 07/10/2016
People 6 Nationality
Barry Michael
Baudin Alex
Edmondson Joshua
Kononenko Mykhaylo
Quintana Nairo
Westra Lieuwe



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