Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) Hormone ID 24

Incidents 20 Type Date
Nigrelli permanent ban Permanent ban 17/01/2014
Puerto - Cipollini link Hearing evidence 09/02/2013
Mantova investigation Investigation 01/04/2009
Bebto suspension Permanent ban 10/07/2008
Balestri, Barotti RS and Barotti A suspensions Permanent ban 10/03/2008
Muraglia positive Positive test 04/03/2007
Puerto - Pantani link Hearing evidence 03/07/2006
Garcia Quesada, A positive Positive test 19/05/2006
Este acquittals Hearing evidence 23/09/2005
Este trial Hearing evidence 09/11/2004
Kejval positive Positive test 02/09/2004
Oil for Drugs raids Arrest 10/06/2004
Ongarato suspension Temporary suspension 28/07/2002
Rieti raid Investigation 18/03/2002
Ongarato raid Arrest 01/11/2001
Blitz raids [List 51] Investigation 06/06/2001
Müller positive Positive test 13/08/2000
Nigrelli raid Investigation 01/06/1999
Cavallini admission Admission statement 14/01/1997
Volpi positive Positive test 15/08/1993
People 23 Nationality
Andalo Giacomo
Bossoni Paolo
Cavallini Franco
Cipollini Mario
De Marchi Alfredo
Fuentes Eufemiano
Garcia Quesada Adolfo
Gilmozzi Sebastian
Kejval Lubos
Müller Dirk
Muraglia Giuseppe
Nigrelli Guido
Olivieri Bruno
Ongarato Alberto
Pantani Marco
Pedrina Carlo
Peers Chris
Piccoli Mariano
Pierantoni Bruno
Pizzini Leone
Sacchi Fabio
Settembrini Fabrizio
Volpi Alberto



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