Caffeine Stimulant ID 55

Incidents 36 Type Date
Westra admission Admission statement 28/04/2018
Kortrijk indictment Hearing evidence 07/06/2010
Rebellin investigation Investigation 30/04/2009
Jaskula admission Admission statement 29/06/2007
Alessandri admission Admission statement 29/06/2007
Kortrijk arrests Arrest 07/06/2007
Heinrich admission Admission statement 24/05/2007
Cahors appeal Appeal against sanction 09/05/2007
Skibby admission Admission statement 19/11/2006
Roux conviction Criminal conviction 03/07/2006
Cahors convictions Criminal conviction 03/07/2006
Lazzaro conviction Criminal conviction 11/06/2005
Biondi arrest Arrest 02/03/2005
Jordie arrest Arrest 02/03/2005
Lopes positive Positive test 29/06/2004
Gaumont admission 1 Admission statement 06/02/2004
Loddo positive Positive test 19/02/2003
Wegmann positive Positive test 08/09/2002
Ongarato suspension Temporary suspension 28/07/2002
Blitz acquittals Appeal against sanction 22/04/2002
Blitz raids [List 51] Investigation 06/06/2001
Currit admission Admission statement 29/05/2001
Selle Italia investigation Investigation 22/03/2001
Eight Festina convictions Criminal conviction 23/12/2000
Thijs positive Positive test 13/08/2000
Chiotti admission Admission statement 28/04/2000
Voet arrest Arrest 08/07/1998
Echave positive Positive test 07/04/1995
Bugno appeal Appeal against sanction 11/10/1994
Olano appeal Appeal against sanction 22/09/1994
Olano positive 1 Positive test 08/09/1994
Bugno positive Positive test 17/08/1994
Ghiotto positive 2 Positive test 28/02/1993
Jesus Vargas positive Positive test 16/05/1992
Hernández, C positive Positive test 12/05/1991
Muñiz positive Positive test 06/02/1990
People 68 Nationality
Alessandri Flavio
Andriotto Dario
Arrieta José Luis
Belda Vicedo Vicente
Biondi Laurent
Blijlevens Jeroen
Bolay Sylvain
Bozzi Dominique
Bugno Gianni
Carrara Matteo
Chiotti Jérôme
Coppens Rik
Currit Jean-Christophe
De Clercq Hans
de Jesus Vargas Oscar
Dupouey Christophe
Echave Federico
Fuentes Yolanda
Galilea Zurbano
Gaumont Philippe
Ghiotto Federico
González de Galdeano Alvaro
Heinrich Lothar
Herinne Pierre
Hernández Carlos
Hoyos Jesús
Iza Vicente
Jaskula Zenon
Jordie Jean-Guy
Koehler Philippe
Lastras Pablo
Latasa David
Lazzaro Enrico
Lembo Eddy
Loddo Alberto
Lombardi Giovanni
Lopes Pedro
Magnani Marco
Mazzoleni Renzo
Muñiz Menendez Carlos
Navas David
Nocentini Rinaldo
Odriozola Jon
Olano Abraham
Osa Unai
Perez Cuapio Julio
Peron Andrea
Peruzzi Giuliano
Piccoli Mariano
Romano Domenico
Roux Laurent
Roux Fabien
Sciandri Maximilian
Sergeant Monique
Siboni Marcello
Skibby Jesper
Solaun Cesar
Sprenger Claudio
Stanga Gianluigi
Sunol Juan
Thijs Erwin
Vanmol Yvan
Varriale Antonio
Vernie Jean-Marie
Voet Willy
Wegmann Christian
Westra Lieuwe
Zanette Denis



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