Contractual violation Unspecified ID 9

Includes, for example, 'blood irregularities' and 'substances not sanctioned by team officials'.

Incidents 35 Type Date
Edmondson admission Admission statement 16/03/2017
Vicioso suspension Temporary suspension 03/02/2013
Rasmussen, A appeal Appeal against sanction 04/07/2012
Rasmussen, A acquittal Appeal against sanction 17/11/2011
Schumacher fraud appeal Appeal against sanction 18/10/2011
Rasmussen, A missed test Termination of contract 15/09/2011
Ricco fired Termination of contract 06/02/2011
Schumacher fraud dismissal Appeal against sanction 02/02/2011
Batista, L whereabouts Violation 04/01/2011
Schumacher fraud investigation Investigation 22/10/2010
Gusev appeal Appeal against sanction 15/06/2009
Bazayev suspension Violation 13/06/2009
Gusev fired Termination of contract 25/07/2008
Astarloa irregularities Violation 11/05/2008
Vandenbroucke fired 2 Termination of contract 17/04/2008
Rasmussen exclusion Violation 26/07/2007
Rasmussen whereabouts 2 Violation 29/06/2007
Rasmussen missed test 2 Violation 21/06/2007
Honchar violation 2 Violation 29/04/2007
Basso case reopened Investigation 23/04/2007
Rasmussen missed test 1 Violation 06/04/2007
Ludewig admission Admission statement 04/07/2006
Rasmussen whereabouts 1 Violation 24/03/2006
González, S violation Violation 15/09/2005
Yus fired Termination of contract 05/06/2005
Nose fired Termination of contract 25/04/2005
Mondini fired Termination of contract 07/04/2002
Vandenbroucke fired 1 Termination of contract 01/03/2002
Bruylandts violation Violation 22/03/2000
Streel violation Violation 18/09/1999
Dierickxsens violation Violation 15/07/1999
Lino suspension Temporary suspension 26/03/1999
Møller positive Positive test 07/03/1999
Virenque team suspension Temporary suspension 01/02/1999
De Keulenaer violation Violation 28/03/1992
People 26 Nationality
Astarloa Igor
Bazayev Assan
Bruylandts Dave
Clain Médéric
De Keulenaer Ludo
Dierckxsens Ludo
Edmondson Joshua
Gusev Vladimir
Honchar Serhiy
Lino Pascal
Lopes Pedro
Ludewig Jörg
Moletta Andrea
Mondini Giampaolo
Møller Claus Michael
Nose Tomasz
Rasmussen Alex
Rasmussen Michael
Riccò Riccardo
Schumacher Stefan
Sevilla Oscar
Streel Marc
Vandenbroucke Frank
Vicioso Angel
Virenque Richard
Yus Unai



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