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Amphetamine is a psychostimulant in the phenethylamine class of compounds. Its effects are produced by modulating the levels of several neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine and seratonin, popularly thought of as the chemical which produces feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

In addition to its use as a recreational drug, amphetamine has a long history of use as a performance-enhancing drug in sports due to its efficacy in increasing stamina, staving off fatigue and pain and increasing alertness and concentration. It may also act as an appetite suppressant, aiding weight loss.

Dangerous side effects of particular note for athletes include increased cardiac output and blood pressure, as well as an increased probability of cardiac arrhythmia.


Amphetamine is detectable in urine and blood, as well as saliva, and the detection times for a standardised dosage vary depending on the method of testing.

A 10mg dosage is detectable in blood for around 48 hours, in urine for between 1 and 3 days and in saliva for between 20 and 50 hours.

It is worth noting that many other drugs are known to produce amphetamine in the body during the natural metabolic process, a fact which must be taken into consideration in the event of a positive test.

Contributor: Jamie Davidson

Incidents 55 Type Date
Gasparre admission Admission statement 26/11/2012
Silseth admission Admission statement 23/10/2012
Yovchev positive Positive test 14/09/2012
Furdi positive Positive test 06/05/2012
Wilmann admission Admission statement 01/10/2010
Kortrijk indictment Hearing evidence 07/06/2010
Fignon admission Admission statement 17/06/2009
Kortrijk arrests Arrest 07/06/2007
Cahors appeal Appeal against sanction 09/05/2007
Cofidis convictions Criminal conviction 19/01/2007
Roux conviction Criminal conviction 03/07/2006
Cahors convictions Criminal conviction 03/07/2006
Biondi arrest Arrest 02/03/2005
Jordie arrest Arrest 02/03/2005
Vandenbroucke admission Admission statement 29/11/2004
Tessier positive Positive test 17/06/2004
Sassone admission Admission statement 25/03/2004
Gaumont admission 1 Admission statement 06/02/2004
Sassone arrest Arrest 13/01/2004
Mapei-QuickStep convictions Criminal conviction 10/12/2002
Koob positive Positive test 08/09/2002
Roux positive 2 Positive test 30/06/2002
Ullrich positive 2 Positive test 12/06/2002
Currit admission Admission statement 29/05/2001
Eight Festina convictions Criminal conviction 23/12/2000
Summer positive Positive test 01/12/2000
Chiotti admission Admission statement 28/04/2000
Reporter admissions Admission statement 31/12/1999
Vandenbroucke positive Positive test 07/05/1999
Roux positive 1 Positive test 14/04/1999
De Panne arrests Arrest 01/04/1999
Menthéour admission 2 Admission statement 03/02/1999
TVM judicial investigation Investigation 28/07/1998
Leblanc admission 1 Admission statement 25/07/1998
Festina judicial positives 2 Positive test 23/07/1998
Roussel admission Admission statement 17/07/1998
Roussel and Rijkaert arrests Arrest 15/07/1998
Voet arrest Arrest 08/07/1998
Mottet admission Admission statement 16/10/1995
Currit positive Positive test 15/09/1994
Lino positive Positive test 28/04/1993
Montoya positive Positive test 24/07/1991
Emonds positive Positive test 26/04/1990
Garcia, D admission Admission statement 24/11/1989
Fignon positive 2 Positive test 17/09/1989
Maertens conviction Criminal conviction 01/09/1987
Kimmage admission Admission statement 03/08/1987
Fignon positive 1 Positive test 28/05/1987
Tackaert positive 2 Positive test 24/05/1987
Kelly positive 1 Positive test 19/09/1984
Tinazzi positive Positive test 26/05/1984
Van Meer positive Positive test 14/05/1983
Dordrecht convictions Criminal conviction 15/07/1982
Thurau positive 2 Positive test 22/06/1980
Thurau positive 1 Positive test 07/05/1980
People 61 Nationality
Biondi Laurent
Bolay Sylvain
Bozzi Dominique
Brochard Laurent
Bugno Giacomo
Bugno Gianni
Chiotti Jérôme
Coppens Rik
Currit Jean-Christophe
De Wit Gerrit
Dupouey Christophe
Emonds Nico
Fignon Laurent
Furdi Blaž
Garcia Didier
Gasparre Graziano
Gaumont Philippe
Herinne Pierre
Hervé Pascal
Hoffman Tristan
Jordie Jean-Guy
Kelly Sean
Kimmage Paul
Koehler Philippe
Koob Markus
Leblanc Luc
Lembo Eddy
Lino Pascal
Maertens Marc
Mak Gérard
Menthéour Erwann
Montoya Reynel
Morassut Tiziano
Moreau Christophe
Mottet Charly
Mouton Georges
Rooks Steven
Rous Didier
Roussel Bruno
Roux Laurent
Roux Fabien
Sainz Bernard
Sassone Robert
Sergeant Monique
Sergeant Freddy
Silseth Ole Kristian
Summer Jochen
Tackaert William
Tessier Jean-Michel
Thurau Dietrich
Tinazzi Marcel
Ullrich Jan
van der Velde Johan
Van Meer Jacques
Vandenbroucke Frank
Vanhulst Edouard
Vernie Jean-Marie
Voet Willy
Wilmann Jostein
Winnen Peter
Yovchev Yovcho



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