Unspecified steroids Steroid ID 44

Incidents 27 Type Date
Tolhoek positive Adverse analytical finding 27/11/2023
De Negri positive Positive test 21/12/2017
Davidenok positive Positive test 27/08/2014
Fedosseyev positive Positive test 16/08/2014
Okishev positive Positive test 29/05/2014
Basso, E suspension Temporary suspension 01/10/2010
Facchinetti suspension Temporary suspension 01/10/2010
Basso Mazzoleni plea bargains Admission statement 24/04/2010
Mantova investigation Investigation 01/04/2009
Chiasso raid Arrest 29/09/2007
Puerto - Bartoli link Hearing evidence 25/05/2007
Cofidis convictions Criminal conviction 19/01/2007
Skibby admission Admission statement 19/11/2006
Puerto - Pantani link Hearing evidence 03/07/2006
Puerto arrests Arrest 23/05/2006
Como and Bergamo gym raids Investigation 24/07/2005
Vandenbroucke admission Admission statement 29/11/2004
Sassone admission Admission statement 25/03/2004
Madejak arrest Arrest 14/01/2004
Sassone arrest Arrest 13/01/2004
Madejak suspension Temporary suspension 12/01/2004
Blitz raids [List 51] Investigation 06/06/2001
Ampler positive Positive test 28/07/1999
Voet arrest Arrest 08/07/1998
Moreau positive Positive test 29/03/1998
Sanders, W investigation Investigation 26/11/1997
Gillereau positive Positive test 06/02/1994
People 25 Nationality
Ampler Uwe
Bartoli Michele
Basso Elisa
Bossoni Paolo
Coduri Paolo
Davidenok Ilya
De Negri Pier Paolo
Facchinetti Vittorio
Fedosseyev Artur
Fuentes Eufemiano
Gillereau Pierrick
Gilmozzi Sebastian
Madejak Boguslaw
Messina Roberto
Moreau Christophe
Okishev Viktor
Pantani Marco
Paranier Christine
Piccoli Mariano
Sanders Wim
Sassone Robert
Skibby Jesper
Tolhoek Antwan
Vandenbroucke Frank
Voet Willy



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