Corticosteroid Steroid ID 21

Incidents 73 Type Date
Van der Sande cleared Appeal against sanction 30/01/2019
Van der Sande positive Positive test 18/12/2018
Del Moral repeal Appeal against sanction 27/10/2018
WADA US Postal appeals (Bruyneel) Permanent ban 24/10/2018
WADA US Postal appeals (Celaya) Permanent ban 24/10/2018
WADA US Postal appeals (Marti) Appeal against sanction 24/10/2018
Cash investigation Investigation 27/06/2016
Sørensen, N admission Admission statement 22/06/2015
Van Avermaet investigation Investigation 07/05/2015
Bruyneel suspension Temporary suspension 22/04/2014
Celaya suspension Temporary suspension 22/04/2014
Marti suspension Temporary suspension 22/04/2014
Holczer v Schumacher Hearing evidence 18/04/2013
Schumacher admission Admission statement 29/03/2013
Armstrong admission Admission statement 14/01/2013
Bruyneel resignation Termination of contract 12/10/2012
Armstrong permanent ban Permanent ban 24/08/2012
US Postal lifetime bans Permanent ban 10/07/2012
Europcar investigation Investigation 27/06/2012
US Postal investigation 2 (2003-2004) Investigation 12/06/2012
US Postal investigation 2 (1997-2002) Investigation 12/06/2012
US Postal investigation 2 (2005-2007) Investigation 12/06/2012
Bedoucha arrest Arrest 29/11/2011
Taillefer admission Admission statement 03/03/2011
Stevic appeal Appeal against sanction 22/10/2010
Emilia arrests Arrest 21/09/2010
Stevic suspension Permanent ban 17/09/2008
Casper positive Positive test 10/07/2008
Kortrijk arrests Arrest 07/06/2007
Heinrich admission Admission statement 24/05/2007
Cofidis convictions Criminal conviction 19/01/2007
Vrijman investigation Investigation 31/05/2006
Rumsas, R conviction Criminal conviction 26/01/2006
Rumsas, E conviction Criminal conviction 26/01/2006
Ficek conviction Criminal conviction 26/01/2006
Blitz criminal convictions Criminal conviction 24/10/2005
Este acquittals Hearing evidence 23/09/2005
Rumsas, R arrest Arrest 29/06/2005
Brard cleared Appeal against sanction 27/06/2005
Este trial Hearing evidence 09/11/2004
Kelme legal investigation Investigation 21/05/2004
Kelme sports investigation Investigation 30/03/2004
Manzano revelations 2 [laundry list] Admission statement 25/03/2004
Manzano revelations 1 Admission statement 21/03/2004
Gaumont admission 1 Admission statement 06/02/2004
Ribeiro, B suspension Temporary suspension 21/08/2003
Bortolami appeal Appeal against sanction 28/06/2003
Mateos Perez positive Positive test 10/04/2003
Bortolami positive Positive test 02/04/2003
Bernabeu positive Positive test 16/03/2003
Lavarinhas positive Positive test 14/03/2003
Brard positive Positive test 18/09/2002
Rumsas, E arrest Arrest 28/07/2002
Lampre investigation Arrest 28/07/2002
Paumier positive Positive test 26/05/2002
Blitz suspensions Temporary suspension 02/05/2002
Sainz arrest Arrest 11/03/2002
Sainz and Vandenbroucke arrests Arrest 27/02/2002
Blitz raids [List 51] Investigation 06/06/2001
Beltrán, A arrest Arrest 22/03/2001
Selle Italia investigation Investigation 22/03/2001
Eight Festina convictions Criminal conviction 23/12/2000
Magnien appeal Appeal against sanction 19/09/2000
Magnien positive Positive test 18/07/2000
Chiotti admission Admission statement 28/04/2000
Reporter admissions Admission statement 31/12/1999
Lino suspension Temporary suspension 26/03/1999
Menthéour admission 2 Admission statement 03/02/1999
Massi suspension Temporary suspension 04/11/1998
Cofidis seizures Investigation 11/09/1998
Giardini Margherita raid [Bologna] Investigation 12/08/1998
TVM judicial investigation Investigation 28/07/1998
Recio positive 2 Positive test 25/05/1988
People 59 Nationality
Armstrong Lance
Beltrán Alberto
Bernabéu David
Bernaudeau Jean-René
Blijlevens Jeroen
Bondue Alain
Bortolami Gianluca
Brard Florent
Bruyneel Johan
Cannone Donato
Casper Jimmy
Castelblanco José Joaquim
Celaya Pedro
Chiotti Jérôme
Deloeuil Alain
Elli Alberto
Ficek Krzysztof
Garcia Del Moral Luis
Gaumont Philippe
Guandalini Massimo
Heinrich Lothar
Ibarguren José
Ivanov Serguei
Knaven Servais
Lastras Pablo
Lavarinhas Rui
Lino Pascal
Magnani Marco
Magnien Emmanuel
Manzano Jesús
Marini Mirko
Marti José Pepi
Massi Rodolfo
Mateos Perez Rafael
Menthéour Erwann
Mertens Chris
Michaelsen Lars
Osa Unai
Outschakov Serguei
Paranier Christine
Paumier Laurent
Quilfen Bernard
Recio José
Ribeiro Basil
Rumšas Raimondas
Rumšas Edita
Rutkiewicz Marek
Sainz Bernard
Schumacher Stefan
Sørensen Nicki
Stangelj Gorazd
Stevic Ivan
Taillefer Fabien
Theunisse Gert-Jan
Van Avermaet Greg
Van der Sande Tosh
Van Petegem Peter
Voskamp Bart
Winnen Peter



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